About Us

Nife world is an established and iso 9001:2008 certified fashion and design sector. Its higher education institution specialized in education and training for creative and managerial roles with in a Design Sector Since 2016.

It’s aim has been to provide students with the key knowledge and skills needed to work with in the various field connected to the world of luxury. Nife world developed a multiproged way of learning with the concept of creation, promotion and diffusion.We allow each student to acquire the historical, artistic physio, sociological aesthetic, legal and managerial methodological and critical tools that are essential to understand the different aspects of module.

Our multi dimentioned method of teaching empower the students to face the unique characteristics the innovations and the dynamics of the fashion sector as well as to skifully deal with the cultural and productive aspects.

Our Vision

” To meet the global challenges and enhancing placement opportunities for educated unemployed. “

Our Mission

Keeping up place with our “vision statement”at the same time developing awareness and professionalism in the related industries for which we import training, through extended quality education, methodical research technology couple with sense of purpose & optimize human potential and resources.